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The Lamborghini Countach debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1971, and it immediately became a legend thanks to its futuristic design that seemed out of a science fiction movie.

About this model

Lamborghini has produced the Countach LP400S only 235 times.

This model (chassis: #1121448) has the same color configuration - white on black - as Ferrucio Lamborghini's personal Countach (#1121164). It weighs in at 1300kg.




€800 000

If you look at the latest prices, the color configuration and the mint condition of the car, this is a more than fair price.

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About the state

The 374th Lamborghini Countach ever created.

Produced on January 12, 1982. This Lamborghini has been inspected by some of the world's best Countach experts, and can be described as in perfect condition. It still has 100% matching numbers & colors. It still retains its original restored interior which makes it special.



Horse Power

353 HP

With a 4.0L Nat Aspirated V12 engine, this Countach can reach speeds up to 292 km/h.

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As seen in the movies

The Countach is known from its appearance in The Wolf of Wall Street (2015). It appears in the same white color as our first item. This gave the white Countach a boost in popularity. The Countach also played a role in The Cannonball Run (1981). It received a spot in such well known movies due to its iconic design.


2 movies

Kms Driven

22 110

In its 41 years of existence, this car only drove 22.110 kilometers.


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